The Impact of Blogging on College Students

This blog post is about why college students should blog and the positive impact that blogging can have on them. This blogpost will also include information that will help students realize that blogging can not only change their life, but others as well. I will also write about an successful college student blog. 
College Info Geek, a blog started by Thomas Frank, is a blog for college students that are looking for college advice. Frank wrote a blog post in which he gives his reasons of why you must start blogging in college. The most important ones that stood out to me were, teaching others useful things, building a network, become a better writer, express yourself and your ideas, and you’ll be able to make your own money. 
Frank says that blogging can help teach others useful things, others can learn from the experiences that you have gone through. There is a big chance that someone out there is most likely going through the same things as you. By creating a blog you are making a point of connecting with others and sharing your thoughts.
Blogging in college can help you build connections with others. Someone else might be going through the internet and will probably come across your blog. This individual might read your blog and end up sharing it with others. Future employers can also find out about your blog and it can help you in a positive way, depending on what you are blogging about.
Blogging can help you improve your writing skills. I used to struggle when it came to writing. Blogging has helped me become better. Blogging is also something that others can do to help express their ideas.

Although making money off of blogging can make others loose your trusts, Frank writes that because of his blog he was able to pay off all of his students loans. I think that  as college students it is alright for you to make money on the side by blogging, but it is important to remember the purpose of why you are blogging.
College Info Geek is a blog that has been successful since Frank started it. He has even been able to write books were he shares his thought with others. Frank wrote about the impact that blogging has made in his life and how he was able to pay things like his student loans off. Blogging has made a positive impact on my own life. Although I do not post often on my blog or make money off of it, I am able to express my thoughts and share my experiences with others. I am able to going into detail when it comes to certain topics and I am able to write what I want.