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Clara Luper

I am the chair of the Human Diversity committee for the University of Central Oklahoma Student Association(UCOSA). UCOSA is the student government at our university and the voice of the student body.

During my Fall 2016 semester in UCOSA, the current president and a past president of the Black Student Association(BSA) approached me with an idea that they had. 
At our university we have a building that serves as an alternative for a student union, the Nigh University Center. There are many rooms in the Nigh University Center that are dedicated to caucasian individuals that have impacted our state. The current president of BSA, Keyanna Irby, introduced me to a past BSA president, Jordan Broiles. Jordan and a few other BSA members spoke to me about wanting to renovate a room in the Nigh to be dedicated to civil rights activist Clara Luper. 
Clara Luper, a teacher and civil rights activist, is mostly known for her sit in movement leadership role in Oklahoma. Luper fought to end the segreg…

The Writing of My Life

This blog will be a little different from my last post. In this post I will be writing about the things that I have learned about blogging and my journey through it.
A thing or two about writing...
I have learned a lot by writing for my blog. Writing on my blog has given me the opportunity to express my thoughts in different topics, and experiences that I go through. My readers are able to read about things that they may never have the opportunity of experiencing. 

I have also learned how blogging online works. I get to choose the pictures, fonts, colors, and headlines that will appear here. I would like to work mire on the design of my blog and customize it to fit a style that represents who I am and what I want to share with others.
When I first started my blog, I wanted to give advice to other college students. I still try to do that once in a while, but my blog has become more like a journal. My blogpost recently have been more about the events or things that I hav…

The Impact of Blogging on College Students

This blog post is about why college students should blog and the positive impact that blogging can have on them. This blogpost will also include information that will help students realize that blogging can not only change their life, but others as well. I will also write about an successful college student blog.  College Info Geek, a blog started by Thomas Frank, is a blog for college students that are looking for college advice. Frank wrote a blog post in which he gives his reasons of why you must start blogging in college. The most important ones that stood out to me were, teaching others useful things, building a network, become a better writer, express yourself and your ideas, and you’ll be able to make your own money.  Frank says that blogging can help teach others useful things, others can learn from the experiences that you have gone through. There is a big chance that someone out there is most likely going through the same things as you. By creating a blog you are making a poin…

The Hatton W, Sumners Student Leadership Conference: Part 2

At the Hatton W, Sumners Student Leadership Conference I had the privilege to meet students from across the nation and also from different countries.

Thursday, February 23rd 2017

The first day of the conference.

I was spilt up from the students from my university and was put into a group with students from different universities. At first I was not sure what to expect and was nervous about how the whole conference would go.

During the first night of the conference I was able to hear Nadia Lopez speak about her growing up on the Latino community and her journey to starting a school.

I was amazed by her speech, because earlier during the day I was speaking to one of my group members and he was talking about his passion for education and helping his community.

Friday, February 24th 2017

I was able to listen to Dr. Howard T. Prince. Dr. Prince is a clinical professor and holds the Loyd Hackler Endowed Chair in Ethical Leadership in the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the Unive…

The Hatton W, Sumners Student Leadership Conference: Part 1

The Hatton W. Sumners Students Leadership conference is a conference that takes place at the University of Texas at Austin.
The purpose of the conference is to develop the leadership potential of current students in higher education.
The intermediate goals to fulfill this purpose are as follows:
•To Inspire young men and women to seek or accept leadership responsibilities as part of their contribution to their society. •To Increase awareness of current and emerging leadership challenges in a variety of settings. •To Develop a network of students to support future collaboration among these emerging leaders.

My leadership experience...
I was one of eight students that was selected to represent the University of Central Oklahoma.
I was able to learn about the different leadership styles that each person can have, and I was also able to meet students from across the nation that shared their stories from their experiences.

Meeting these students really h…